Card - Test Purchases

To test our website you can use the following card details

Card No. 4242 4242 4242 4242

Any valid expiry can be used eg. 10/18

Any valid CVC can be used eg. 199

Click here to open a new browser/tab and make a purchase

You will need to open 2 browser windows/tabs in order to navigate the site and record feedback into the feedback form.

Feedback - Registration

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Feedback - Returning User

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Please enter your Full Name as your Username for the purposes of the feedback system. Please enter your Name and Passwords exactly as you set them up during Registration.



Your Assistant

Here to guide you throughout, you will find helpful tips in this area of the Website Control Centre.


You can creaate your account from here. Make a note of the card details to use and open our site in another browser/tab.

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This sets up your account enabling you to come back to complete the feedback at anytime.